Friday, January 7, 2011

A new project

I was looking around the internet on New Year's Day weekend and I found a new to me online shop that specializes in counted canvaswork.  The shop, Scarlett Thread, features many counted canvas designs kitted and ready to go, which is great for me.  I found a couple neat designs and promptly talked myself out of them, reminding myself of my current stash situation.
The next day, I checked out some of my regular blog stops and found that the Spinster Stitcher had started this design.  It's LJ Perin's Color Study: One Long Panel.  It's a gorgeous, sparkly design.  Spinster's pictures totally sunk my resolve and I immediately went to the Scarlett Thread and ordered the chart kitted up and ready to go.  Super helpful shop, with a living person available at the shop number to answer my questions, really quick shipping, careful packaging (no affiliation, just my observations).  The kit arrived yesterday and it is lovely.  I took it to Di's dance class last night and started on it.  My progress is above.  Lots of careful counting needed, I've had to do a little frogging already.  The instructions are well written and the diagrams are very clear, I just have to remember to stop and look at them every now and again.  Can't wait to get back to it. 

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