Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heart in the Garden Finish

Heart in the Garden by Ewe & Eye & Friends is my latest finish. I stitched it over two on 40 ct. using the leftover threads from the last LHN that I stitched. I have always loved Ewe & Eye designs, I have dozens in my stash, though I've only stitched 2 so far. I do have four of their original stitched models in my collection, including my all time favorite, the Millenium Sampler. They are currently in one of the shop boxes, waiting to be unpacked. Some day soon, I will put all of my shop pieces back on the studio walls, I'll post pictures when I do. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A little weekend stitching

I strated this cute little piece from Little House Needleworks on Thursday and finished it Saturday night. It's a stress relieving piece. Had a family member in the hospital this past week and I always start a new piece to keep my mind off of things. It's my version of a worry stone and it works for me. The chartpack contained the Crescent Colour Threads and I stitched it on 40 count linen over two. Since I only used a single strand of floss, I had tons left over so I started a Ewe & Eye& Friends piece using the same shades. It's nearly done as well and I'll post it soon. Not sure how I'll finish this, I'm thinking of mounting it on top of a papermache' box and stitching the rooster again to make a pin cushion for inside the box. We'll see. I'm off to do school with the kids, have a great day!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something in the works

Two posts in one day. I totally forgot about posting my newest "in progress" piece. It is a sampler and it is coming along nicely, I find that I am enjoying the blackwork areas the most. I've not done a lot of blackwork and it is a little like doing a dot to dot. You just count threads and work your way around the fabric following the pattern and the design appears. I'm hoping to get this done in the next couple of weeks, although the outer border, which you can't see, may take little longer. My kids, Colton and DiDi, are in a Suessical production at our local playhouse and I get lots of stitching time in while waiting for them in the green room. :)

Since moving back into the studio, the design side of my mind has switched back on. I have so many new ideas going through my head that I've started keeping a sketchbook with me again. I have several new designs waiting for me to pull threads so that I can get them to my model stitchers. And several that I will have to stitch myself. I'll be posting progress reports and sneak peaks here. I will also be posting some freebies here as well. I just have to figure out how. :) Please be understanding of my limited blogging skills. I'll get better.

A cold day in Tennessee

This is my baby, Beauregard. He is not happy about the weather. I have three other dogs but as he has the least amount of fur, he is the most annoyed by the weather. Besides, it is impossible to get my dogs to pose for a family portrait. They all went out this morning and he came back in shivering. We are having some unusually cold weather here in TN. It was 5 degrees this morning. Brrrrr!!!! I raced up to the studio and refuse to go back outside until it is absolutely neccessary.

My studio is across the yard from my house. It's above the garage. My husband built it for me and I love it. He even built the garage to put it above. I have a huge window in front that overlooks the neighborhood and a deck off the back which is wonderful for stitching and hanging out to watch the stars at night. Right now the front room is a little stuffed with extra shop merchandise but that will work itself out over time. The kids do their school work up here when I'm "at work" and my daughter DiDi has taken over a large corner for her crafts. It's a wonderful place to come to work to.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Acorns and Threads

This is one of my first stitching projects for 2009. I've had it in my stash for years. It's Acorns and Threads by Carriage House Samplings. I'm stitching it on 40 count over two. I have a couple of the charts (new from my former shop) on my ebay auction right now along with lots of other charts by Carriage House Samplings. I'll be adding things to my ebay auctions daily in an effort to free up a little more space in the studio.

I'm working on a new sampler of my own as well and I'll post a picture in the next day or so.