Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The angels are coming....

My angel ornament series, that is. I'm printing the charts as I type this and soon they will be winging (slightly lame pun intended) their way to the shops and my distributors. They should be available in shops and on my Etsy site by the middle of next week. They are stitched on 30 count with just a little over one stitching and I love them. I enjoyed every part of the design process with these, even the finishing which I usually don't absolutely love doing. I can see them decorating a feather wreath or stitched one above the other on a bellpull. I have the threads pulled for the bellpull idea but haven't started stitching it yet.

In other news, the weather has been hot and sunny and the kids and I have been spending some time down by the lake, which is too good for words. It's a tiny lake but you'd never know it to see how much fun the kids have there. I've also started walking/jogging everyday. I've been inspired by some of you fellow stitchers that manage to work, take care of family, stitch and exercise and make it sound so easy. I used to run years ago, and hope to get back to where I actually can run 5 miles and make it look easy.
My printer is beeping at me so I'm off for now. Thanks for stopping by!!