Thursday, May 21, 2009


First, thanks for all the comments about Miss Mary Mac's Sewing Roll. I'm working on another pin cushion and sewing roll set and will have pics soon (keep in mind that soon is a somewhat relative term on this blog). Between a new puppy showing up at the house (with 4 dogs already) insisting that this is where she should live and the first week of really nice weather, I've not had much daylight time up here in the studio. I have had lots of lovely early morning chats with my daughter on the porch and evening chats with my sister and nieces in the same spot. Family is a very good thing.

I do have a few things to show. First, my CHS SAL, I didn't forget this week Annemarie, I'm just hopelessly late at getting up to the studio to blog. I'm stitching it over two on 40 count as I am hoping to put it in a shadow box style frame. It will be too teeny for a real stocking. The fabric color is dangerously close to Noah's haircolor, so he may have a bit of a dye job before I am through. Oh, and I changed his coat color as well. More progress next week, I promise.

I also finished CCN Summer Bungalows yesterday. My chronic case of startitis caused me to finish this one, so I could have the stitching frame for my next design. Seven stitching frames and something on every one of them. Lots of solid areas of stitching on this one, which I normally don't do well with, but the soft colors made it easy to stick with. I apologize for the wrinkles.

In other stitching news, I found out that my ornament design for the 2009 Just Crossstitch Ornament issue will be on the cover and I am very excited about that. I can't show you the design but you'll be able to see it soon enough. It's my favorite out of all of the designs that I have done for the magazine.
My son turned 12 last week and I think that I am in shock. How can he already be 12, it seems he was just a toddler not so long ago. He spent his weekend doing guy stuff with two of his best buds, dirtbiking and the new Star Trek movie. We're celebrating his dad's birthday tomorow as he was out of town on his real day. Lots of birthday cake for our family in May, and lots of fun!Thanks for stopping by!