Friday, January 16, 2009

A cold day in Tennessee

This is my baby, Beauregard. He is not happy about the weather. I have three other dogs but as he has the least amount of fur, he is the most annoyed by the weather. Besides, it is impossible to get my dogs to pose for a family portrait. They all went out this morning and he came back in shivering. We are having some unusually cold weather here in TN. It was 5 degrees this morning. Brrrrr!!!! I raced up to the studio and refuse to go back outside until it is absolutely neccessary.

My studio is across the yard from my house. It's above the garage. My husband built it for me and I love it. He even built the garage to put it above. I have a huge window in front that overlooks the neighborhood and a deck off the back which is wonderful for stitching and hanging out to watch the stars at night. Right now the front room is a little stuffed with extra shop merchandise but that will work itself out over time. The kids do their school work up here when I'm "at work" and my daughter DiDi has taken over a large corner for her crafts. It's a wonderful place to come to work to.

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