Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Few Finishes

It has been busy, busy here. We are well into March and the days are just flying by. Been busy doing kids stuff, helping with the cross country team, trap practice, boy scouts and dance, dance, dance. Spring recital is coming up so it's time for me to help with costume details, which involves checking the costumes, doing any quicky finishing work that needs done on them, making any extra items needed, handing them out to the students and explaining the stage makeup and costumes how to's. The costumes are beautiful this year and really well made, I can't wait to see them on the dancers.

As for stitching, my finishing pile is growing. I have over a dozen things needing my attention. Little pieces and big. I will schedule a finishing day soon, I will, I will.......

Here are a couple of recent finishes, excuse the wrinkles. The first is a sweet little design from Carriage House Samplings. I have so many of her designs in my stash and am trying to work a few of them into my rotation. I love the pink, red, olive color combo in this design and have plans to make it into a thread keep.

This is Shakespeare's Peddler's Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler. It was a fun design to stitch, enough color changes to keep me interested, and pretty shades of red and green. I changed a few colors here and there but nothing extreme. I have two great rustic frames that would work for this piece and I cannot decide between them yet.

The last piece is Cape Cod Girls, by the Primitive Needle. Really quick stitch. I used a beautiful piece of linen from my "special" stash. Sharon Crescent, creator of the lovely Crescent Colours threads used to dye linens when she first started out in the needlework biz. The colors were soft and amazing and I bought a fat quarter of every shade that she had. I keep them in my "special" box and use them sparingly. This is a soft blue green and worked perfectly with the Weeks threads that were called for. I did pick up the new Cape Cod Boys companion design so it will get a "special" linen from the box as well.

Enough from me for today. I have orders to fill and a couple of magazine pieces to get ready. Thank you for your comments on my stitching and on my new little Lucy Lu. My daughter discovered that Lucy likes to play dress up so there will be some silly dog pics in the future. She is also reading up on agility competitions for pugs and plans to make Lucy a star. Have a great afternoon!!!


  1. You stitched some really great pieces!! Are you going to stitch Cape Cod Boys too! I thought both of them would look nice in a bathroom. Sounds like you've been awfully busy. I have kids that get into just about everything too and everything seems to need attention now.

  2. Such beautiful pieces! I love the Cape Cod Girls....need to get to that one day. happy stitching....

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely. But the real question is how do you find the time for beautiful stitching amongst all the costume work and after-school activities? :)

  4. Your stitching is really beautiful. I also have lots of CHS designs and really need to fit some more into my stitching rotation as well.

  5. Oh wow! I love all your stitching! I loooove your little Lucy Lu too!! She's so cute! And btw, I love your designs too -- been collecting the letters for everyone in the family and plan to stitch them someday. Hopefully soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I've found yours! Yay!

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