Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feather and Fan Scarf

 Hope the new year is off to a great start for everyone.  January has just flown by for me.  I am trying to organize and consolidate all the stuff in my life.  It is a challenge, to say the least.
I have been knitting away on my stash, working on baby things for my future niece.
Just before Christmas I finished this lovely Feather and Fan Shawl.  A dear friend was telling me that his wife had received some lovely hand spun wool from a friend, and although she loved it, she wasn't a knitter.  I eagerly volunteered to knit up something for her.  He relayed the offer to his wife and we chatted about patterns and decided on a scarf.  I played with a couple of stitch patterns and decided on a feather and fan combo.
The yarn is a merino/angora blend and was a joy to stitch with.  My favorite part of the project was blocking it.  The pattern opened up beautifully.  My friend loved the scarf, she tested it in Colorado over the holidays.  I wrote up the simple pattern and put it up as a freebie here in my Ravelry store.  Enjoy!

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